Frankie Muniz wants a ‘Malcolm In The Mid-Life Crisis’ sequel

Muniz retired from the role almost a decade ago

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Perhaps spurred on my the reboots of Full House and Boy Meets World, Frankie Muniz has thrown out the idea of more Malcolm in the Middle episodes, which would catch up with the titular character in the present day.

“How fun would "Malcolm In The Mid-life Crisis" be? I wonder what Malcolm and his family would be up to now!” he wrote on Twitter, to a string of retweets.

It’s been nine years since he finished up playing the starring role in the sitcom about the dysfunctional family, which ran for seven seasons.

Getting Lois, Francis, Reese and Dewey back might be feasible, though Hal less so, with actor Bryan Cranston having gone on to become a huge star thanks to his late rebirth with Breaking Bad.

Some sort of sequel series isn’t beyond the realms of possibility - as long as the fan demand is there - and it would only be the latest show to get rebooted many years later.

Several beloved cartoons are also set to return soon including Hey Arnold! and (possibly) Rugrats, after Nickelodeon revealed it is looking into reviving the series whose viewers have now grown up and had kids of their own.