From Mapp and Lucia to Darcey Bussell documentary: What to watch on TV tonight

Darcey Bussell follows Audrey Hepburn’s story from wartime Holland to Rome, Switzerland and Hollywood

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Snow Wolf Family And Me
9pm, BBC2

Unmissable wildlife treat of the fortnight is this two-parter, in which the cameraman Gordon Buchanan, last seen spending a year with a family of wild black bears in Minnesota, does something similar with a pack of wolves on a remote island in the Canadian Arctic. Buchanan’s only defence is a flimsy looking electric fence which he erects around his tent as he tries get some sleep under the midnight sun, while muttering: "Wolves are at their most dangerous when they lose their fear of people... these ones have never seen any people." 

Al Murray’s Great British Spy Movies
9pm & 2.45am, BBC4

Al Murray, the former M15 chief Stella Rimmington, and the journalist Matthew Sweet give the spy movie genre a good working over, from Hitchcock to Harry Palmer and beyond.


Mapp And Lucia 
9.05pm, BBC1

Steve Pemberton has a lot to live up to (a sublime Channel 4 version from the Eighties, in short) as he adapts EF Benson’s comic tales of smalltown one-upmanship in interwar Sussex, with Anna Chancellor and Miranda Richardson in the title roles – the warring would-be queen bees of Tilling (a lightly fictionalised Rye). Pemberton himself plays Lucia’s asexual consort, Georgie Pillson, his League of Gentlemen co-star Mark Gatiss plays Major Benjy, an ex-Indian Army officer who drinks too much and talks about bagging tigers.

Darcey Bussell’s Looking For Audrey
10.30pm, BBC1

The prima ballerina turned reality show judge Darcey Bussell professes to identify strongly with the elfin star of Breakfast At Tiffany’s, following Audrey Hepburn’s story from wartime Holland to Rome, Switzerland and Hollywood – “an epic tale of betrayal, courage, heartache and broken dreams”.