Game of Thrones dragons will 'double in size' again in the next series


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The people behind the amazing visual effects on fantasy drama Game of Thrones have confirmed that the show's dragons will again double in size in series 6.

In an interview with Yahoo, visual effects supervisor Joe Bauer and prosthetics supervisor Barrie Gower said that the show's already impressive effects are set to get even more dramatic in the new series.

Bauer explained that it's a continuation of the trend that we've seen throughout the show.

"Between season three and season five, our shot count doubled," says Bauer. He said there will be "other environments that we haven't seen people in before", and most excitingly, said: "The dragons will again be double in size."

GettyImages-164116939.jpg It's going to look great on screen, but spare a thought for the people on set who have to move these massive constructions, before the effects team can digitally alter the footage.

Bauer continued: "When the dragons were small, we had little foam rubber models of each dragon and we could carry them on and off the set and it was no big deal."

However, the growing size of the models has been problematic. "Last year, [the most we could carry] was a head and this year it's going to be a finger nail or something, I'm not really sure."

Gower also dropped a fairly hefty hint that something big is going to happen in the new series.

He said that David Banioff and DB Weiss, two of the writers of the show, have included one big visual effects piece in the new season's outline that the team is very excited about.

He didn't give anything away, but said they've been planning to do it for a while.

Whatever the mystery scene is, it was first going to be in season four, but was pulled at the last minute. He said: "And then, lo and behold, in season five there is was again. And it's pulled again! But now, in season six, it looks like we're going to do it. Fingers crossed they won't chicken out."

It seems unlikely that anything could get Game of Thrones maniacs more excited about the new series, but Bauer and Gower might just have pulled it off.