Game of Thrones: Mad Men's Christina Hendricks wants a role for the 'crazy costumes'

The 'Mad Men' star has never watched the show but is drawn to the outfits

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Christina Hendricks has become the latest star to want a part on Game of Thrones, reckoning she would look great in the show’s outfits.

The US actress, 38, was appearing on late-night talk show Conan to promote the upcoming season seven premiere of Mad Men, in which she plays advertising office manager Joan Holloway.

But when quizzed about her rumoured desire for a role in HBO's hit fantasy series, she confessed that she has not actually watched many episodes and that the speculation was born from a quick red carpet answer "said on the spot" .

"The funny thing is I've never seen Game of Thrones, I'm sorry to disappoint," she told presenter Conan O'Brien. "I hear it's wonderful and my husband loves it but I think I need to start from the beginning. I tried to come in from season two and I was a little confused.


"Someone asked me what show would be fun and I was thinking about those pelts, horns, wolves, horses and whatever they have and said 'Game of Thrones'! I thought it would be fun to be in that time period in all those crazy costumes."

Hendricks is not the only one to be excited by the world of Westeros, with The Hobbit's Richard Armitage calling the show "brilliant" just last week and implying a possible interest in joining the cast.