Game of Thrones season 4: House of Cards wages war on Twitter

'May the best House win."

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Game of Thrones returned for season 4 last night, receiving a widely-retweeted 'f*ck you' from House of Cards Twitter account as it stormed the show's 2014 TV crown.

The HBO show set social media ablaze in an episode that focused on Arya Stark and The Hound and trended through the night.

HoC did not want to be forgotten however, as many continue to binge watch their way through its second season, calling the fantasy drama out on Twitter.

"Welcome back, @GameofThrones. May the best House win. #FU" it posted five minutes before the first episode's broadcast.

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The two shows, which both focus on the struggle for power albeit on very different battlefields, missed out on Best Drama at the Emmys last year, but without Breaking Bad for competition in 2014 could go head-to-head for the prize.

House of Cards season 2 was received even better than the first, while Game of Thrones return episode "Two Swords" seem to go down well with fans.

"Game of Thrones first episode back! Excellent, we want more!" one viewer wrote, with another adding that season 4 is "off to a damn good start."