Game of Thrones season 5: Daenerys' dragon ride sets Twitter on fire

'When I grow up I want to be Khaleesi and rule the seven kingdoms and ride on the back of my dragons'

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The Dance of Dragons was both one of the most heart-breaking episodes of Game of Thrones and one of the most epic.

Yes, Stannis is a complete [insert every horrible word you can think of here] but that scene at the end with Dany and her dragons… Wow.

We finally got to see the Mother of Dragons riding one of her babies, in the process leaving Tyrion, Ser Jorah and *what's his name* boyfriend to fend for themselves in the arena. Watch the scene below.

Of course, the internet went crazy for Khaleesi.

Apparently there was a major NeverEnding story vibe.

Daenerys, Tyrion and Jon Snow's reactions were priceless.

She's inspired a lot of people to want to be like her.

But mainly people are really jealous.

There's a lot of speculation as to who is going to ride Drogon's brothers.

But not everyone was impressed with the CGI.

And it wasn't enough for people to forget about Shireen.

All in all though, it was awesome.