Game of Thrones, season finale, Mother's Mercy - preview: Stannis looks set to wage war

Finale looks set to be every bit as amazing as the last few episodes, if not better

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Another year, another season of Game of Thrones comes to a close too soon. Season five may have started slow but it has soon became one of the best yet.

***Game of Thrones TV spoilers ahead***

Jon Snow battled White Walkers, Tyrion made it to Meereen, Cersei is in prison, Arya is becoming an assassin, and Khaleesi rode a dragon. Oh, and Stannis has become one of the most hated men in all the Seven Kingdoms.

Unfortunately, this season must come to an end, and its finale looks set to be every bit as amazing as the last few episodes, if not better.

The preview of “Mother’s Mercy” confirms that Tyrion and Ser Jorah did in fact make it out of the arena alive, even though Daenerys left them for dead. It also promises the return of Cersei, Sansa and Brien, having abandoned their story lines last episode.

More prominently though, we can hear Melisandra saying “The Lord of Light has made good on his promise, my King” followed by Stannis saying “The siege begins at sunrise.” Are we about to witness a massive battle between the Boltons and Stannis’ men? Let’s hope so.


We also get a brief glimpse of Jon back at the wall speaking with Sam Tarly. Davos is currently en route to them; it will be interesting to see how they interact knowing that Jon’s men, the Wildling’s and Stannis’ men are running out of food.

For those who have read the books go below, if not, try one of these links for more GoT’s stories.

The Mother of Dragons rides one of her babies

**Major Book Spoilers ahead***

Still here? Well, then you probably know that Jon’s story could very well be coming to an end this episode. In the last book he is stabbed by fellow brothers on the Wall, and many suspect Olly, the evil young boy they keep showing who doesn’t exist in the books, will be the one to do it.

Will the episode keep good on this and leave us with a major cliff hanger? Also, in the books, Arya is left blind, for a little while at least. Could this episode end with that too? It’s going going to be a big one either way.