Game of Thrones season 5: Kit Harington hints Jon Snow could have major storyline in next series

The actor said he was on set more than any other character

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Kit Harington has hinted he will have a major storyline in Game of Thrones season five.

The British actor revealed he was on set more than any other cast member during filming in Belfast, suggesting Jon Snow could be at the centre of a pivotal plotline.

Speaking to The Independent Magazine, he said he was “on set every day in Belfast. And I had more dates than anyone this year – I was f*cking there”.

Harington, who currently stars in the Vera Brittain film The Testament  of Youth, also said he “can’t be Jon Snow forever” and would like to break out into producing.


“I’m wanting to move into producing. I’ve kind of set my cogs going on that. It’s one of those things: before whenever it is that I finish Thrones, I need to really process what I want to do next. And eventually it may not be acting. I love it, but I need to make sure that’s what I want to do.”

He added that he was a “f*cking workaholic” and would need a big project to focus on after finishing Game of Thrones – whenever that will be.

“Even now, having finished [filming] Thrones, and having a whole day off, I just can’t deal with it. I need to work.”

Read the full interview with Kit Harington on Saturday 17 January in The Independent Magazine.

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