Game of Thrones season 5: Watch King Joffrey's crown fall off and Arya Stark slip over in the season four blooper reel

Charles Dance snapping a bit off the Iron Throne is another notable highlight

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It might seem like the cast of Game of Thrones are far too wary of being killed off to ever dream of fluffing their lines, but a blooper reel from season four had proved otherwise and provided great amusement for fans.

Released by HBO to celebrate last season coming out on Blu-Ray ahead of season five, “Your Final Reward” shows just under one and half minutes of outtakes.

Thought you’d seen the last of evil King Joffrey? Well, actor Jack Gleeson is back for this video, and he can’t keep his crown on his head while kissing Natalie Dormer’s Margaery Tyrell.


Charles Dance snapping a bit off the seemingly indestructible Iron Throne is another highlight, as is Lena Headey’s awkward dancing as Cersei Lannister and Dormer’s laugh when a cat jumps on the bed.

Stairs seem to be causing problems too - Maisie Williams falling, carrot in hand as Arya Stark, is particularly entertaining - while Peter Dinklage’s reaction to a messed up scene is simply to turn around and walk off set or wave an apology to the camera crew.

Those still wanting more can check out the show’s official YouTube channel, where a couple of deleted scenes have emerged. You can watch Tyrion painfully end his relationship with Shae...

...and learn a little more about how Daenerys felt after bodyguard Jorah’s betrayal as Missandei comforts her.

Game of Thrones season five airs on HBO in the US on Sunday 12 April, before reaching UK shores on Sky Atlantic the following night.