Game of Thrones season 6 behind-the-scenes video is spoiler city

Teaser shows a ton of tracking shots from battles

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Game of Thrones released a new video called ‘The Best Seat in the House’ this week, a fascinating insight into the working day of a camera operator on the HBO show.

Though they rarely get a lot of credit, the men and women literally, as opposed to figuratively, behind the camera play such an important role in the look of the show, and in the video we hear from several.

“The best aspect of being a camera operator has got to be the physical one-to-one with the camera and creating a shot that the director has in his mind’s eye,” says “A” camera operator (Dragon Unit) Sean Savage. “You have to decipher the nuances of what he wants from what he’s read from the script and make that practical.”

GoT dolly track

In addition to giving a sense of scale of the show’s production, the video also has spoilers aplenty.

You can find a bunch of stills in the gallery above, which show the Boltons engaged in battle, the young boys from the season 6 casting call, Sons of the Harpy wiping out a group of people, Ser Jorah searching for Daenarys and more.

We spoke to cast member Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) last week, who discussed the new season and the limitations of working with green screen.

Game of Thrones season 6 arrives on HBO and Sky Atlantic on 24 April.