Game of Thrones season 6 deleted scenes feature dig at HBO show's critics

'Violence and profanity, how original'

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For many, season six of Game of Thrones was a return to form following the middling season five, mainly in thanks to the show’s writers no longer being tethered to the books’ pacing. 

One of the many stand-out scenes from the season featured in the show included a group of traveling actors making fun of the Lords of Westeros.

Through Arya’s story, we got to know Lady Crane and her motley crew (including a character played by the fantastic Richard E. Grant) yet not everything filmed was shown during the series.

Thanks to season six’s DVD release, numerous deleted and extended scenes have been uploaded online, including one of the show’s play. 

Notably, at one moment, an audience member says “violence and profanity, how original,” to which Arya replies: “Why don’t you just leave then?” Of course, George RR Martin’s novels have often been accused of being overtly violent: perhaps this is a reference to that?

Also featured within the numerous previously unseen clips is an extended meeting at The Wall and a clip of Olenna Tyrell meeting Mace Tyrell. Watch below.

Game of Thrones - Deleted and extended scenes (Season 6)

Meanwhile, numerous spoilers regarding season seven have leaked online, revealing some major meetings between fan favourite characters and one rumoured sex scene ‘in the works’.

Game of Thrones returns this summer on HBO and Sky Atlantic.