Game of Thrones season 6 spoilers: Grown man crawls through undergrowth to film Tower of Joy scene

'Go on Beany, get him!'

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When spoiler-hungry Game of Thrones fans are this industrious, HBO might as well give up trying to keep filming under wraps.

Footage was posted on Facebook today by a “crazed fan” from the UK who hiked three miles through the Spanish hills to film the pivotal Tower of Joy scene from above.

“Have to crawl…you’ll see why in a sec!” he says at the start of the video.

He then claims a massive spoiler.


spoiler alert and a confirmation #TowerofJoy

Posted by Richard Atkinson on Monday, September 28, 2015

“That one in the brown closest to us, that’s Sean Bean. I don’t know who the knight is.”

A young Ned Stark has been cast for the flashback, but Bean has insisted he won’t be filming for it, though we know better than to trust GoT cast and crew by now.

“Go on Beany, get him!” the fan narrates spiritedly. “Go on Beany! Go on Beany! Slayed him!”

Bran Stark actor Isaace Hempstead-Wright was previously spotted at the castle ruins doubling for the Tower of Joy, suggesting the scene - which could be a major plot hinge for season 6 - will be told through one of his vision rather than through flashback as it is in A Song of Ice and Fire.

Major spoilers came out of GoT’s Northern Ireland base yesterday, where an enormous battle is being filmed.