Game of Thrones season 6 spoilers: It looks like we’re finally going to learn the origin of Hodor


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Despite featuring in all five seasons of Game of Thrones, we still don’t know where Hodor came from, why he only says “Hodor” or what “Hodor” even means.

Nearly always accurate GoT news site Watchers on the Wall reports this morning however that a ‘very reliable source’ has confirmed to them that the ‘origin of Hodor’ will finally feature in season 6.

His back story is expected to form park of a Stark family flashback, presumably the same one a young Ned Stark has already been cast for.

WOTW also has an update on Ian McShane’s character this morning, with the actor apparently not playing Randyll Tarly or Aeron Greyjoy as expected.

The Deadwood star is thought to instead have a scene with an ‘outlaw band’ a casting call went out for.

HBO did say his screen time would be minimal but that the character was of ‘key importance’, so it will be interesting to see what this pivotal moment with the band is.

Yesterday, it emerged that Richard E. Grant has joined the cast, after Game of Thrones popped up on his agency CV.