Game of Thrones season 7 trailer: New footage teases battles, new character and a Jon Snow declaration

'Yesterday's wars don't matter, the North needs to band together'

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There's less than a month to go before Game of Thrones returns to our screens and the HBO promo train is at full speed.

Over in Spain (where much of the show is filmed), a booth was set up in the capital of Madrid, with excitable Thrones fans entering it through a Hodor-referencing door and being met with a message from Arya Stark, who told them they were about to see something they've never seen before.

This turned out to be a barrage of new footage, incorporating charging soldiers, archers loosing their arrows, The Mountain unsheathing his sword, Kit Harington doing sword tricks between takes, a soldier falling from battlements, Greyworm preparing to slit someone's throat, Cersei prowling, The Hound shooting a green screen scene and the Lannister flag rolling down a castle wall.

Of particular narrative note were glimpses of an apparently new maester, Brienne training up Podrick and Daenerys exploring a cave thought to be under Dragonstone.

There was also more of Jon Snow addressing the Northern Lords after being declared king of the region, telling them: "Yesterday's wars don't matter, the North needs to band together."

The first of the seven episodes that comprise Game of Thrones season 7 arrives on HBO, Sky Atlantic and NOW TV on 16 July.