Gogglebox's Steph and Dom meet Nigel Farage - TV preview: Boozy Channel 4 show delights

But the 'poshos' aren't persuaded to change their vote to Ukip

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Gogglebox’s Steph and Dom take on Nigel Farage tonight in what is likely to be the most alcohol-fuelled TV broadcast of the year.

The “posh couple” will quiz the Ukip leader on a wide range of issues at their bed and breakfast home in Sandwich, located in the South Thanet constituency where Farage will be standing in his bid to become MP next year.

Review: Steph and Dom Meet Nigel Farage

The boozy evening begins with Dom lighting Farage’s cigarette while announcing he “forgot” to vote at the last general election. He later liberally douses the Ukip leader with lager before Farage spills a glass of champagne over himself, prompting Steph to give him a choice of ripped denim, leather or tartan trousers to change into.

But the questions also come in thick and fast from the Parkers, who quiz Farage on a wide range of topics from his views on Europe (“But if there’s no point, why are you there?”) to more personal matters (“Was it the politics that screwed up the first marriage?”).

In turn, Farage whinges about not making enough money: “I don’t think I know anyone is Parliament who’s as poor as we are”; describes losing a testicle to cancer, and bizarrely admits that “Mussolini can be quite funny” - all over a pint of Britain’s finest beer, of course.

So were Steph and Dom taken enough by Farage to vote Ukip? Speaking to Radio Times after the show, the couple said he was a “congenial and charming man”, but added it was unlikely they would be “bedecked in purple on polling day”.

Step and Dom meet Nigel Farage airs tonight, Monday 15 December, on Channel 4 at 10pm.

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