'Good morning, that's a nice TNETENNBA': Countdown hero wears IT Crowd t-shirt on-air

'Hurrah! It finally happened!' declares sitcom's creator

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It finally happened, Moss's Countdown appearance in The IT Crowd has been recognised in the actual show, with contestant Danny Davies delighting viewers by wearing a t-shirt bearing his infamous line.

A brief cutaway gag in the sitcom saw Richard Ayoade's character claim 'TNETENNBA' as a word, before offering a questionable use of it in a sentence.

Countdown host Nick Hewer seemed baffled by the tee, but Twitter was hysterical, raining tweets in support of Davies' shirt choice.

Show creator Graham Linehan also congratulated him on sneaking it in, and asked him how he did on the daytime show.

"Well, I didn't get any 9 letter words!" Davies replied, adding with a further nod to The IT Crowd: "I went there to drink milk and kick ass, but I only finished the milk!"

The asset manager blogged about his Countdown appearance, musing: "Getting my 8 letter word "Roulades", was my biggest achievement, and I was gutted that "Mithril" didn't have an "A" in it!"