Gracepoint trailer: Watch David Tennant speak lines from Broadchurch in an American accent

The Broadchurch remake looks to remain true to the original

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A second trailer for the US version of Broadchurch has been released, showing David Tennant speaking some memorable lines from the hit ITV original in an American accent.

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Tennant stars in the Fox remake as Detective Emmett Carver, the US equivalent of Broadchurch’s DC Alec Hardy, alongside Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn who replaces Olivia Colman as Detective Ellie Miller.

Set on the Californian coast, Gracepoint follows the original ITV drama closely, with the same characters played by US actors – apart from Tennant’s Detective Carver.

In the trailer, Tennant gives a press conference reminiscent of the Broadchurch original in which he says coldly: “We will catch whoever did this.”

He is also seen telling Anna Gunn’s Ellie Miller: “Given the right circumstances. Anyone is capable of murder.”

Anna Gunn reprises Colman’s portrayal of the conscientious deputy female detective, who tries to assure Tennant’s character that “people have a moral compass”.

Tennant continues to shatter her goodwill in the US version by telling Gunn: “Compasses break”.

The US remake has been written by Broadchurch writer Chris Chibnall, and helmed by original director James Strong.

Although the American version bears close resemblance to the British original, there will be a different ending penned by series creator Chibnall.

Gracepoint premieres in the US on 2 October on Fox. A UK air date is yet to be confirmed.

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