Great British Bake Off 2015: Best innuendos from episode 1 as moist cracks and big nuts begin 'punnies'

The wholesome baking show reveals its lewd side again

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As Sue licked cream off her fingers in delight while Paul Hollywood inspected contestant Ugne’s crack, Bake Off fans delighted in the show's innuendos once more.

How many did you spot?

“Your crack is nice and moist”

The Madeira cake and its required crack got the innuendo ball rolling, predictably.

“How big should my nuts be?”

Brows were knitted during the technical challenge, but it still allowed for some puns about the specific size of walnuts.

“I can’t wait to romp in your forest”

And behold, the showstopper challenge opened up the floodgates. Mel and Sue could not get enough of the black forest gateau.

“Your ganache should have a nice shine”

Perhaps the most puerile of all was associating “ganache” with “gash”. Yes, some viewers really went there:

''The creaming method"

Mary's creaming method returns for another year, not that viewers are tired of it: