The Great British Bake Off: The best reactions to Tom's 'Hipster Picnic'

Tom's great downfall proved to be a showstopper that sounded exactly like the line-up of next year's Glastonbury fest

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Last week's star baker Tom suffered a reversal of fortunes on The Great British Bake Off's Dessert Week.

Between his "cloying" Millionaire roulade and "chewy" majorlaine in the Technical Challenge, Tom's real downfall was likely his bizarre showstopper: taking on the challenge to create 24 mini mousse cakes with the titled 'Hipster's Picnic'. 

Attempting to pipe mousse between two slices of sponge to create a kind of "dessert sandwich", the whole creation backfired when the mousse lost its lightness and ended up something of a stodgy mess.

Paul Hollywood did admit the idea itself would have been fantastic - if Tom had been competing in a completely different challenge. Viewers, however, didn't quite give Tom that benefit of the doubt; already completely baffled by the very idea of what a 'Hipster's Picnic' is, and what it would consist of. 





Andrew finally snagged the place of Star Baker, the title having so far been entirely elusive to the competitor; all thanks to his Tropical Holiday roulade, the crispy perfection of his marjolaine winning the technical challenge, and his showstopper taking on his family's love of ice cream. 

The Great British Bake Off airs on Wednesdays at 8pm on BBC1, followed by An Extra Slice on Fridays at 9.30pm on BBC2.