Great British Bake Off: Hipster Stu leaves first as Twitter reacts to his beetroot cake and trilby

Stu Henshall disappointed the judges with his 'soft' walnut cake too

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He was possibly the most hipster contestant the Great British Bake Off tent has ever seen, but sadly musician Stuart Henshall and his trilby were sent packing in the first new episode last night.

Mary Berry's disdain at Hipster Stu's edgy decision to use beetroot in his untraditional Black Forest Gateaux was a highlight, while his walnut cake earlier in the show also disappointed the judges, not least because he only managed to use a sole caramelised nut for decoration.

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Stu runs his own food blog, aptly-named The Alternative Kitchen, where he posts about his passion for Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food fused with English, and also brews his own beer. Of course he does.

Reactions to Stu's untimely departure were mixed, with many people swooning over his tats and artiness, while others denounced him as "an irritating t**t". We collated some of our favourites below:

The 35-year-old from Guildford follows last year's memorable baker and fellow beardy hipster, Iain Watters, who hailed from Hoxton and set Twitter alight with the #bingate scandal. More on that one here.

"Meeting other bakers was a joy, it's a whole family thing and they are a nice bunch of people," Stu said after leaving the Bake Off, which he thinks has "redefined him".

"It's made me think about what I want to do in life and look at what opportunities might come my way," he continued. "I felt disappointed in myself initially as I felt I didn't perform as well as I could, but it's onwards and upwards!"


As expected, there were plenty more innuendos being thrown around in the first show, with Sue Perkins kicking things off by asking the contestants to "reveal their cracks".