Great British Bake Off preview: Bread Week forces contestants to prove their worth

Who will have the upper crust?

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It's Bread Week on Bake Off this week, which can only mean one thing: an even cockier Paul Hollywood than usual.

We may already know the name of the contestant who leaves thanks to a slip up from Mary Berry on the radio, but there's still entertainment to be had watching Hollywood walk around the tent with more brazen gusto than ever.

Take a look at what's baking in the tent tonight:

Signature bake - soda breads

Soda bread

Made without yeast, the bakers have to make a loaf with bicarbonate or soda or baking powder instead.

Technical Challenge - French baguettes


Baguettes feature on Bake Off for the first time tonight as part of Paul's fiendish technical challenge. The bakers have to create steam in the oven to give the baguettes a nice finish, but obviously Paul hasn't told them. 

The showstopper - 3D bread sculptures


One of the trickiest showstoppers the Bake Off tent has ever seen, the contestants have to make bread sculptures made of three different types of dough.