How I Met Your Mother finale: Creator defends HIMYM's controversial ending

"No matter what you thought of tonight, thank you."

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How I Met Your Mother co-creator Craig Thomas has discussed the sitcom's polarising finale on Twitter, explaining how he was trying to provide a climax that was as dramatic as the rest of the series.

*Spoilers obviously*

The show's close upset the majority fans, or at least the ones with vocals opinions, with some feeling cheated that the whole basis of the show was just a plot device to reunite Ted with Robin (If you missed it, there's an explanation of what went down here).

Its soppiness also proved irksome, with blue French horns and yellow umbrellas abound and Barney giving up his libidinous ways to kiss the head of his darling new baby.

Thomas talked about the thinking behind the episode as it went out on CBS (earlier in the evening having warned followers to expect some "drunk tweeting"), writing: "Thank you all.  I mean it: Every possible reaction to the last 44 minutes... Thank you all."

Continuing the tide of gratitude, he later added: "We wrote a comedy with dramatic elements till the very end.  Thanks for taking that ride with us.

"We did a finale about life's twists and turns and that is not always what happens...but THANKS!"

Again referencing the mixed reaction, he concluded: "Seriously - no matter what you thought of tonight, THANK YOU".

If fans didn't get the closure, or the right kind of closure, that they wanted, there is still time for amends to be made however.

How I Met Your Dad goes in to production soon, which will star Greta Gerwig and tell the story from a female perspective.