Homeland casting crew hired British actors as a last resort after Americans snubbed roles

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Nice of Homeland’s crew to pour cold water on the idea that America can’t get enough of Brit actors at the moment.

The show’s casting directors have revealed how Damian Lewis ended up playing Brody. “We were initially looking at well-known actors”, says Junie Lowry-Johnson in New York Magazine. “People we wanted didn’t want us. A lot of them passed – you’d be surprised who”, adds Libby Goldstein. “One actor really wanted to know whether Brody was a good guy. He didn’t want to play a bad one.”

As for David Harewood, “he was the last person cast”, says Goldstein. “We couldn’t find a person to play the CIA’s deputy director of counterterrorism, because the part was too small.”

“The role wasn’t big enough on the page to attract the level of actor we needed, so we started looking in England,” confirms Lowry-Johnson. You’re welcome, guys. 

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