Hotel of Mum and Dad: New TV show follows couples forced to move back home


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For most couples in their twenties and thirties there is nothing worse than the thought of moving back to live with their parents or in-laws, but for some it is a reality.

With fewer jobs, expensive rents, student debt and high housing prices, an estimated 300,000 young couples have moved back home with their partners, prompting BBC Three to expose the issue in its new show Hotel of Mum and Dad.

The six-part factual series will follow couples as they try to negotiate the various compromising situations that arise when moving back in with their parents.

Whether they move back home to save for a deposit on a house or to take advantage of free childcare, the series will explore a range of family dynamics involved when young couples move back home- or in some cases to their in-laws.

In each episode couples will be challenged to move out of their family home to live on their own for a week, where they will have to manage their own budget, cook their own meals and clean and tidy.

Hannah Wyatt, director of programmes for production company Mentorn Media, said: “It’s tough getting your own place, no matter what age, but the under 25s have it really hard with university debts and unemployment at an all-time high.

“That said sometimes it’s just too comfortable to stay at home and have your washing done! We hope this series will show both sides of the dilemma – those that really want to stand on their own two feet but can’t afford it and those that are happy where they are and don’t want to miss out on mum’s cooking.”

Hotel of Mum and Dad is due to be broadcast later this year.

If you would like to appear on the show contact or call 020 7258 6805.