House of Cards season 3 gets release date in Twitter Air Force One teaser trailer

Senator President Underwood is back

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House of Cards season 3 will be released to Netflix on 27 Febuary 2015, when (obligatory spoiler warning) Frank Underwood begins his presidency.

"President Underwood and the First Lady will be making an announcement today at 11 A.M. EST. Please stand by..." the show's official Twitter account posted this morning.

It then followed up with a 12-second teaser showing Frank and Claire walking up the stairs of Air Force One with characteristic malevolent elegance.

Anticipation for the third season is high following the barnstorming second, which bumped off reporter protagonist Zoe Barnes in the first episode to weave a rich and complex story of political skulduggery.

It ended with Frank double-crossing the president and forcing him out of the Oval Office, slamming his fist into its table at the season's close as he assumed the seat of power.

All of the episodes are expected to drop in one go, as was the case with previous seasons, though it is not yet known how many there will be.