Huey Morgan smashes mug and storms off stage during Never Mind the Buzzcocks ‘next lines’ round

The Fun Lovin' Criminals frontman grew angered by the 'next lines' round

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Huey Morgan smashed a mug and stormed off stage on last night’s Never Mind The Buzzcocks, after becoming increasingly irate with the ‘next lines’ round.

The Fun Lovin’ Criminals frontman grew angry when hosts Rizzle Kicks gave him a line from his own band to complete the lyrics of.

He said: “Why can’t you guys do something different for a change? Rather than giving me my own lyrics the whole time.”

When Jordan Stevens from hip hop duo Rizzle Kicks gave him a different lyric from Kavana’s song “I can make you feel good”, Morgan smashed his mug onto the panel show desk, saying: “Who’s that?” to applaud from the audience.

He told Rizzle Kicks: “I just don’t roll like a punk, I’m sorry,” to which Stevens said: “Huey? It’s the game bro. I say a line, you say a line. It was just there on the show, you don’t have to shove a mug in my hair.”

Morgan later walked off stage before the end of the show and the official goodbye from the hosts. Stevens said: “We’re going to dedicate those credits to the mug.”