'I'll be there for you, if you shoot me a text first': Friends gets 2015 version

Classic Chandler, Instagramming his mojito

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Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler lived in a simpler time, when you could go to a coffee house and have a conversation without having to compete with 5000 others your friend might be having on Whatsapp and visit a landmark without taking a selfie in front of it.

But those days are gone, and were Friends produced today with the emphasis on realism, it would probably look something like the below.

A new trailer was created by Nerdist updating the fountain credits, with a bored group of Friends snapping selfies by it and Instagramming their cocktails.

The Rembrandts' theme tune gets an EDM reworking meanwhile, along with a Lil Jon-esque beat drop.

It's a pretty spot-on take-down of our smartphone-obsessed culture, here are the revised lyrics:

So no-one told you life was gonna be this way

Your Tinder's profile sucks and you spilled your almond mocha latte

Seems like everyone's growing out their beards

And your roommate's going vegan while you're drinking gluten-free beer, but

I'll be there for you

If you shoot me a text first

I'll be there for you

Taking phone calls is the worst

I'll be there for you

Or if my battery's really low