I'm A Celebrity: The 10 worst bushtucker trials

As Joey Essex and Matthew Wright look set to eat ostrich penis in tonight's show, we look at some of the most revolting fare served on the show

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The first bushtucker trial of I'm A Celebrity 2013 will air tonight, with Joey Essex and Matthew Wright dining on such divine delicacies as turkey testicles and ostrich penis.

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From Katie Price's kangaroo anus in 2009 to Charlie Brooks' eyeball paella in last year's 'Final Feast', I'm A Celebrity has never shied away from offering foul fare to its unsuspecting contestants.

In tonight's show, Wright and Essex will crunch into pig's brain - "like chicken but soggier"- ostrich penis,  scorpion, camel's toe and turkey testicles, each served on a bed of noodles and chips in polystyrene take-out boxes.

Over 12 million people tuned in to watch this year's challengers enter the jungle last night to bring the best opening show ratings in the programme's history. Similarly high numbers are expected tonight to watch the celebrities meet their stomach-turning fate.

But will their mouthwatering 'meal' rival past food-themed trials?