Iron Fist: New trailer for Marvel's next Netflix show released at NYCC

The follow-up to Luke Cage

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With Marvel’s Luke Cage now out on Netflix, attention has gradually begun to turn towards the streaming service’s next superhero show, Iron Fist.

A new trailer for the show starring Finn Jones as the titular character debuted at the New York Comic-Con, teasing the arrival of the final Defender.

While we don’t see Iron Fist in his costume, there are numerous fighting set-pieces that see the superhero beat down numbers enemies and focus his inner dragon.

It is unclear who is narrating the trailer while Jessica Henwick's Colleen Wing makes a clear appearance. 

Meanwhile, at the same event, it was revealed that Sigourney Weaver will be joining the likes of Finn Jones, Mike Colter, and Charlie Cox in The Defenders

The Avengers-style team-up series will unite all of Netflix’s Marvel heroes - Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Iron Fist - to take on Weaver’s as-yet unnamed villain. 

Earlier this year, Marvel was criticised by a comic book writer for not casting an Asian actor in the titular role.

Dark Wolverine and X-23’s Marjorie Liu said of the casting: “Iron Fist is an orientalist-white-man-yellow-fever narrative. Asian actor would have helped subvert that offensive trope, and reclaim space.”

In the comics, Iron Fist is a white male who practices martial arts and wields a force known as the Iron Fist that allows him to focus his chi. The series recently received a release date: 17 March 2017.