It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Dennis actor Glenn Howerton could be leaving the show for good

The actor's recently signed on for a series' pilot episode

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Another year, another season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia ends, leaving our TV screens void of The Gang’s many turbulent adventures.

The last episode of season twelve was rather remarkable as, unlike in previous seasons, there was a quasi-cliffhanger leading us to question whether Dennis - played by Glenn Howerton - will be back next season.

Speaking to Uproxx after the episode aired, Howerton called the situation “a little complicated,” saying: “It’s not entirely certain whether I am or am not [coming back].”

He added: “Just to be clear, to dispel any potential weirdness, it has nothing to do with my relationship to anyone on the show or Rob or Charlie or anyone like that. 

“It’s partially a creative and personal decision. We may be taking an extended hiatus between season 12 and season 13. So I’m certainly staying open to the possibility of doing more, but there is a possibility that I will not.”

It has since emerged that Howerton - along with Patton Oswalt - has signed to star in the pilot episode of a potential new NBC comedy series, executively produced by Seth Meyers. 

If an entire run of the currently untitled series is commissioned, chances are Howerton may leave It’s Always Sunny, or at least delay the series’ next season substantially. 

According to Variety, the new series “is about a hilariously cynical Ivy League professor who loses out on his dream job and goes to work as a high school biology teacher where he imposes his unorthodox teaching style and uses the kids to plot out revenge on those who wronged him.”

Whether or not it has any bearing on Howerton's decision, the LA Times is reporting how the actor also recently sold his home in Venice, LA, for 2.39 million. Changing job and changing home, it’s an all-new Glenn.