It's 11.30 all over again... the Diet Coke dude is back


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Just as we prepare to bid farewell to Tony the Tiger as Frosties sales slump, another old ad favourite is making a welcome return to our television screens.

The Diet Coke "hunk", who hasn't been seen since 2007, will feature in a new ad to celebrate the soft drink's 30th anniversary in Europe. Not a lot has changed: a group of female office workers ogle a topless dude while Etta James's version of "I Just Want to Make Love to You" plays. This time around, however, our "hunk" is a gardener, having previously appeared in the form of a construction worker, lift technician, window cleaner and delivery man.

Played by the British model Andrew Cooper, he is the fourth man to take on the role. So, is being the object of so many women's (and, no doubt, a few men's) affection the gateway to a lasting career in showbiz?

Past "hunks" have had varying degrees of success. Fans of rubbish US teen shows would recognise the 1997 "hunk" as Dan Scott from One Tree Hill but despite prominent roles including "paramedic" in Will & Grace, and "Montana dude" in Hanging Up, the original 1994 "hunk", Lucky Vanous, now runs a diner in LA. Wonder if he still gets leered at working the grill?