James Corden’s The Late Late Show has come to London — the host’s hometown — during a turbulent time for the UK. 

Two weeks ago, Manchester was attacked. Last week, London. Come Friday, the country could have a new Prime Minister. 

Speaking with before Big Ben, Corden opened his first UK show with a moving speech dedicated to those murdered by terrorists on London Bridge.

“I’m so sad when I think about all the times since I took this job I’ve had to open this show talking about such atrocities,” Corden said. “Trying to find the words to say is impossible, because there are none.

Speaking about how the London attacks felt particularly close to home — particularly because members of the show’s staff were close to the incident on Saturday night — the host explained why now is the perfect time The Late Late Show to take place in the capital city. 

“Some people may say it’s a strange time to do a variety show from this city,” he said. “I couldn’t disagree more.

“Just behind that building there are the Houses of Parliament. A building that represents democracy, something the people who carried out this attack hate.”

​Corden then looked upon central hall, Westminster, where the show’s in-house musician, Reggie, stood on a balcony.

“We’re going to bring you the silliest, stupidest, most fun-packed shows we’ve ever made for you to celebrate London, Britain, and everything it has to offer. And you know what? The people who carried out that attack, they would hate that too. 

“I’m so proud to be broadcasting from here, my hometown. Proud to be showing off its beauty, its diversity, its stoic British determination to left nothing stand in or way. This is not a country that feels afraid… It may be the worst weather in the world, but it’s still my favourite city.” Watch the monologue below.


Ed Sheeren also appeared on the show, taking part in a carpool karaoke with the host during which he packed 55 Malteasers in his mouth.

The special UK episodes of The Late Late Show with James Corden 7-9 June available only on Sky 1 and NOW TV.