Jeremy Clarkson 'set to earn £10 million a year' for post-Top Gear Amazon Prime show

Move would make him highest paid TV host in Britain

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Jeremy Clarkson is reportedly expected to be paid nearly £10 million a year for his new car show with James May and Richard Hammond.

The former Top Gear star, whose contract was not renewed after he punched one of the BBC show’s producers, will become the highest paid TV host in Britain under a deal signed with Amazon Prime network, according to The Mirror.

A source told the paper: “Jeremy would be looking at £9.6m a series with the other two [Hammond and May] not far behind.

“Clarkson may have lamped someone over a hot dinner but he’ll be raking it in.”

Former Top Gear producer Andy Wilman quit the show along with May and Hammond after the BBC decided to part company with Clarkson.

Amazon Prime has reportedly got a budget of £160m for 36 episodes of the new programme over three years.

However one TV executive warned that the big budget might prove to be a curse, rather than a blessing.

“Having the three of them careering around in souped up bangers was at the heart of what they did – giving them too much money could ruin all that,” he said.

The show will be available to those who pay the annual £79 subscription to Amazon Prime.