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Joanna Page to star in new sitcom

Joanna Page is to play a mother in a new sit-com.

The 33-year-old actress - best known for playing the lead role in 'Gavin and Stacey' - is to star in 'The Gates', a sitcom which follows the rivalries of different parents on the school run and has already been praised for her "incredible" performance. Her co-star Tom Ellis revealed to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "She is incredible, just such a sweet, kind-hearted woman. "It's sort of based on a family and I play the dad."

While Joanna has landed the role in another sitcom, she has previously revealed she would like to turn her hand to acting in a soap. The Welsh beauty would be particularly keen on joining her husband James Thornton in 'Emmerdale', in which he has played farmer John Barton for two years. She said: "It could be quite good fun because James says it's just gorgeous filming out in the fields. I'd be able to do a good northern accent if I was in 'Emmerdale'."

Joanna thinks James makes a convincing farmer and loves tuning in to watch his performances. She added: "I think he was born to play the part of the farmer - he looks amazing and it's nice having a really young family, who are all really attractive as well.

"I've got it recorded so I won't watch it for a couple of weeks, and then I have to watch about 24 episodes, so I go through it then."