Game of Thrones' Jon Snow is a nightmare dinner party guest - watch Kit Harington in hilarious Seth Meyers sketch

Small talk doesn't usually involve dead children and brutal wedding murders, Jon Snow

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Jon Snow is officially the worst dinner party guest imaginable.

Chat show host Seth Meyers invited Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington to appear in character for a comedy sketch and what happened next will have fans of the fantasy books and TV series in stitches.

Gathered around Meyers' dining table, his guests start discussing the sunnier change in the weather, only for Jon Snow to cut in with the jarringly ominous announcement that “Winter is coming” and children will die in the darkness. Cheering.

Follow that with sporadic updates on how he is a “bastard”, unaware of his mother's identity, whose father had his “head chopped off” and it's clear that this Night's Watch steward has a long way to go to master the art of small talk.

Even a private pep talk from Meyers about how to behave falls on deaf ears, as Jon Snow is soon back telling his newfound baffled friends about how his brother was brutally killed at his own wedding and his first love Ygritte shot him three times with arrows before being murdered by a child. Talk about a Debbie Downer...


The mystery of Jon Snow's parenthood comes close to being answered when he replies to a question about who he thinks his mother is with “Well, I've thought about it a lot and I'm 100 per cent it's...”, only to be cut off by an enthuastic request to play Charades. The collective sigh from Thrones fans is almost audible.

Of course, Jon Snow is no better at Charades than he is at chit-chat, but we'd still invite him to our dinner parties. Maybe...but then again maybe not. You know nothing, Jon Snow!

Game of Thrones returns to Sky Atlantic on Monday 12 April.