Justin Bieber is going to get roasted on Comedy Central

This is better than we he got shot in CSI

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In what promises to be a cathartic hour of television, Comedy Central Roast is to return and destroy the character of Justin Bieber. In his presence.

This will be the network's first roast since James Franco's in 2013, and Bieber has apparently been begging for it for years.

"Justin has been asking us for years to roast him, so we kept telling him to create some more material and we’re thrilled he listened," a Comedy Central source told Ryan Seacrest's website.

Thanks to arrests, abandoned pet monkeys and sulky Calvin Klein shoots, the 20-year-old will surely prove a rich source of comedy, though the comedians that will roast him have yet to be announced.

The roast typically sees them take it in turns to make as insulting and tasteless jokes as possible about the roastee, while the victim sits on stage and has to silently take it.

The singer confirmed his appearance on Twitter, writing: "Lol. #BieberRoast"

Previous celebrities who have been subject to a roasting include Roseanne Barr, Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump, Joan Rivers and Bob Saget.