Kate McKinnon couldn't resist bringing her Jeff Sessions impression back after his senate hearing

The Saturday Night Live star also revealed the origins of her take on the Attorney General 

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Saturday Night Live is on hiatus right now. And it's probably having one of the most painful hiatuses in its history.

Because, as cast member Kate McKinnon told Seth Meyers, "there's a party going on and I'm not there. And I know what's going on because I read about it on the internet, but I can't comment on it."

Of course, McKinnon seems particularly pained by the fact she's lost the opportunity to parody Jeff Sessions' senate hearing, having impersonated the Attorney General multiple times on the show.

She did, however, give Meyers a brief preview of what her take would be. "You know, oath? Oath is such a strong word," she offered in that trademark southern drawl. "When I said oath, I thought I was saying oats in one of those lispy Barcelona accents."

McKinnon also revealed the inspirations for her character, telling Myers: "It began as a joke pitch, and then it just sort of happened. And what I noticed was, he's got this funny little mouth."

Sessions, then, turned out to be a perfect excuse to utilise the trick that Myers described as "Grinch mouth", or McKinnon added, "a turtle's little mouth".