Kevin Spacey reveals who he’s making his asides to in House of Cards

'I’m talking to one person and one person only'

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Frank Underwood routinely breaking the fourth wall is a nice little touch in House of Cards, but if you thought the president was addressing you the viewer, you’re very much mistaken.

During an appearance on The Late Show Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert asked Spacey: “Who do you think you’re talking to when you talk right to the camera?

“Who is that person, is it like a close confidant? Because the person you’re actually talking to, of course, are people on a 10-hour Netflix binge sucking on box wine.”

Adopting Frank’s southern accent, Spacey replied: "When I’m looking directly into that camera, I’m talking to one person and one person only - and that is Donald Trump.”

The actor was injecting a little topical humour of course, but it’s a nice idea all the same - one megalomaniac offering advice to another.

“I think he’s getting the messages you’re sending him over the TV,” Colbert said.

Ever the wit, Spacey also had a great answer when asked if he ever felt some of the show’s murderous, adulterous, backstabbing plot-lines were implausible.

“There are times when I’ll leave the set and, you know, we’ll have shot a particular storyline, and I’ll think, man, this is really pushing it,” Spacey admitted. “And then I get back to the hotel and I turn on the news.”