Kirstie Allsopp admits to fancying Location, Location, Location co-star Phil Spencer


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Everybody who watches thinks they are an item anyway, but now Kirstie Allsopp has admitted to fancying Location, Location, Location co-star Phil Spencer in the past.

The mum of two confesses she has been tempted to make 43-year-old Phil an offer in the new series of Sarah Millican’s BBC2 show starting next month.

Millican said: “I told her everyone thinks they’re a couple anyway so I asked if she’s ever touched it? Or thought f*** it, I will have a go on it?’ She said she hadn’t touched but she’d thought about it, it had crossed her mind.”

Kirstie and Phil’s chemistry on the show has led many to believe they have been an item over the past 12 years.

Sadly an on-screen romance looks very off the cards, as both Kirstie and Phil are married (to other people). Kirstie is mother of two and step-mother to two of her partner’s children while Phil is also married with two sons.

It is unlikely the two will be looking for a four bed semi with a medium sized garden anytime soon.