Kylie Jenner makes surprise appearance at high school prom after pupil gets rejected

Reality TV star was seen dancing and surrounded by shrieking fans

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Kylie Jenner rocked up to a high school prom as a pupil's date after he was reportedly rejected by the girl he asked out. 

With a film crew in tow, Jenner was seen attending the Rio Americano prom in Sacramento over the weekend. 

Causing a frenzy when she appeared at the school, the 19-year-old was filmed dancing with the student in front of his classmates. 

His friend wrote on Twitter: "Imagine rejecting a prom date and the guy that asked you takes Kylie. Should out to Albert Choa for that comeback."

Choa's sister filmed the event and posted it on social media, adding: "Tell me why my brother took Kylie Jenner to prom tonight!"

It's likely that Jenner was filming for an episode of reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashians, so fans will probably get to see the whole thing soon. 

Jenner's sister Kendall was recently the subject of mass controversy after she starred in a Pepsi advert that showed her calming a protest by handing a police officer a can of drink. 

The advert was linked by critics to protests against police brutality in America, who said that featuring a hugely privileged white supermodel as someone creating peace between activists and law enforcement was "like a sick joke".

It has since been pulled and subjected to a spoof version on Saturday Night Live.