Leg up the career ladder? Intern is asked to collect popstar's sperm (and aid insemination) in new E4 spoof


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Interns might be doing rather more than just making the tea in businesses up and down the country. But the latest E4 spoof has taken the exploitation of the young and unemployed to rather more desperate proportions.

A young woman was made to collect sperm from  Simon Webbe, a member of pop band Blue, because her boss wanted to get pregnant by him, and then asked to hold up the boss’ legs (following artificial insemination in the back of a taxi) in order to aid conception.

This was the most ridiculous task undertaken by interns at a fake London fashion PR agency Grade PR for a new Punk’d-style prank TV show, The Work Experience.

A documentary crew filmed the hapless interns each week during what they thought was a real work experience placement. Their boss, Joanna, who makes The Devil Wears Prada workplace look like a happy one, sets the interns on unreasonable task after another.

"None of them twigged at all, we couldn't believe it. Even though they were put in such bizarre situations,” former EastEnders actress Kate Miles, who plays the evil boss, told the Standard. "People are so concerned about how they are coming across they are not thinking about whether or not you are real.”

Speaking of the “outrageous” incident where an intern was asked to help her get pregnant by Simon Webbe, Miles said: “He hands her a package, then she holds my legs in the air in a cab to help me get pregnant."

Each of the interns actually gained a real leg up into the fashion PR world winning a month’s paid placement at a real agency.

The Work Experience starts tomorrow at 9.30pm on E4.