Let's face It, The Simpsons LEGO episode looks pretty awful

"Brick Like Me" airs this weekend

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It looked like a fun idea, but the reality of The Simpsons LEGO episode 'Brick Like Me' is fairly wince-inducing, if the trailer is anything to go by.

The long-running cartoon saw its lowest ever ratings for an episode last week, and while this special episode will surely see a big spike for the novelty of its blocky animation, it doesn't look as though it's going to have fans in stitches.

After plenty of teasers, clips and intros a full trailer dropped today, seeing Homer wake up in a world where Springfield is made entirely out of LEGO and he must work out how to return things to fleshy, jaundiced reality.

Such a bold animation change needs to be backed up big jokes, but the selection in the trailer are pretty weak, which is a shame since The LEGO Movie turned out to be such a hit.

US viewers can judge for themselves when "Brick Like Me" airs on Fox this weekend.

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