Loose tongue? ITV apologise for Rupert Everett's 'fruity language' on Loose Women


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ITV has apologised after actor Rupert Everett swore during an live interview on daytime panel show Loose Women.

Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom investigated after viewers complained about the section on the popular show where Everett was talking about the effect the rise of Aids in the 1980s had on him.

Speaking to the panel, he said: "I was bitten by a mosquito ... I looked at the mosquito bite and thought 'F***, this is it' ... Oh ... sorry...".

Ofcom's report said presenter Carol Vorderman immediately apologised, and did so again at the end of the interview for Everett's "fruity language".

ITV said it had reminded Everett the show was live and that he should not swear and confirmed it had edited the language from the version of the show that appeared on its +1 channel and its on-demand services.

The report stated: "ITV offered apologies for any offence caused and said that following the interview, Rupert Everett and his managers told the production team that he was extremely apologetic, that it was not deliberate, and that he acknowledged he had been fully briefed before the show."

It said that although the broadcast breached the code, ITV's apologies and subsequent actions meant it considered the matter resolved and would not take any further action.