Louis CK and Kate McKinnon can't contain their laughter during SNL sketch

CK's Polish accents left McKinnon in stitches

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Having been off the air for numerous weeks, Saturday Night Live came back with a vengeance, Louis CK hosting yet another brilliant show.

Notable targets included Bill O’Reilly, Pepsi, and - of course - Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin appearing as the two controversial men mentioned.

Some of the loudest laughs came when the host was performing, whether during the opening monologue or talking about sofas.

Perhaps the funniest moment came when CK and SNL cast member Kate McKinnon couldn’t contain their laughter as they did Polish accents. 

Playing a working class family from Poland in 1913 New York, the duo put on their best voices and attempted to show what life was like, much to the dismay of those watching. 

Mid-way through, the duo begins to crack up, unable to control their laughter. Watch below.


Baldwin stopped by the show with his usual Donald Trump impression, while also introducing his version of Fox news anchor Bill O'Reilly, as the anchor interviewed himself while tackling Trump's defence of O'Reilly's sexual harassment allegations.