Louis Theroux working on 'non-judgemental' Scientology documentary

Doc is one of several Theroux has on the way

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Louis Theroux has confirmed that he is working on a new documentary focusing on the Church of Scientology, putting a request out on Twitter for interviewees.

The broadcaster said the documentary would be a 'non-judgemental inquiry' into the religion, which given Louis' previous work could well mean 'give them enough rope to hang themselves with'.

"Open call to any #Scientologists out there. I would love to speak to you for a documentary I am working on. About Scientology," he wrote on Twitter.

"The idea is it for it to be a non-judgmental inquiry into Scientology beliefs and practices, from inside the Church."

Theroux's previous documentaries have seen him visit Fresno, 'the city addicted to crystal meth', learn to be a professional wrestler and explore the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, though there is no word yet on whether this new programme will follow suit and be broadcast on the BBC.

The 43-year-old did however say the Scientology doc is not the only show he has in the pipeline, adding: "Incidentally I have three new shows coming out in the UK in March (or thereabouts) which are NOT about #Scientology..."