A Mail Online TV show might be on the way

Mammoth news site set to pour its curves into television sets

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Mail Online, the Daily Mail's staggeringly prolific website could get its own television show, with publisher Martin Clarke saying he is "open" to the idea.

Best known for its exhaustive coverage of human beings stepping out of cars, it is hard to tell exactly how the website's undeniably successful formula would transfer into TV show, though it could be made in the image of one of those American celebrity gossip round-up channels.

The Wall Street Journal asked Clarke about possibly developing a program modelled after Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight, to which he replied: "We haven’t settled on anything, but we are open to the possibility."

The interview formed part of an article celebrating the website's success in terms of readership through an approach a former staffer likened to "Hoovering up the internet and vomiting it back out."

OK! Magazine previously launched a TV show on Channel 5 in 2011, but it was cancelled after 10 months following poor ratings performance.