'Make sure them ribs is right': Man rescues family, BBQ ribs in amazing TV interview

'I got smoke in my lungs, but I already had smoke in my lungs'

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Robert Wright was just kicking back and barbecuing some ribs at 3am (as you do), when a fire broke out in his Fresno, California apartment.

KMPH FOX 26 News was on the scene fast, and got a sensational interview with Robert, who carried his family out of the burning building along with his BBQ platter.

He wasn't able to shed any light on the cause of the fire, but he sure showed off his prize rack of ribs real nice, also admitting that his only injury of smoke in the lungs didn't matter that much because he "already had smoke in [his] lungs":

Full transcript for your reading pleasure:

"Oh man this is Robert Wright - R O B E R T. W R I G H T.

"Oh man it all went down man. I stayed right next door man from the thing that happened man, the bbq man, I was bbqing man I seen fire just coming all out the window man, the window busted out man - only thing I think first man, 'make sure them ribs is right' and I ran in and got my family man and brung everything body out safely I carried everybody myself man, you know what i mean, you feel me.

"I got my kids first and I thought about my ribs and like I didn’t want let my ribs burn and stuff coz I take pride in what I do man, it’s like 3 o clock in the morning I was hungry man, I was like, man, put them ribs on their man some hot links and stuff man we got it going and stuff but i looked over the fire was bursting out man, I was like man this is crazy man, real crazy, let me get my kids up out this situation that’s all i know, you feel me.

"And I’m from the bay area man I’m located in the bay area you feel me yeah I’m from the bay man, west Oakland, but I’ma keep things going man keep my sh*t going, you know, but it was frantic man it was real serious out there man it was real serious man, but yeah man i’ma enjoy this bbq though and have a good night man hopefully they put us in the motel man you know what i mean.

"Did i get any injuries? I didn’t get no injuries except for the smoke in my lungs but I already had smoke in my lungs so i’m alright."