Margot Robbie had a pretty successful Saturday Night Live stint over the weekend, seeing her her give a self-fact checking opening monologue and impersonating Keira Knightley and Ivanka Trump.

She also appeared in a skit called ‘The Librarian’, which riffed on John Hughes-type 80s films and saw a group of teenage boys lusting over the school librarian.

That ‘Ohhhhhhh yeeeeeeaaaaaah’ song you might remember from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (‘Oh Yeah’ by Yello) plays as Robbie starts to undress, but then things take a turn for the macabre.

The librarian peels a banana only to eat the skin, commits “straight up murder”, and, worst of all, shows off tattoos of Haley Joel Osment both during The Sixth Sense and now.

Robbie is no stranger to comedic skits, having previously parodied Patrick Bateman’s skincare regime in American Psycho.

Season 42 of Saturday Night Live opened to an eight-year ratings high, largely thanks to Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon’s Trump vs. Clinton debate.

Baldwin is the latest actor to impersonate the Republican presidential candidate and will be doing so for the full season.