Married at First Sight: Twitter reactions to 'ridiculous, cringeworthy, unscientific show'

Another provocative Channel 4 documentary has succeeded in sparking a big reaction from viewers watching at home

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Two couples who had never seen each other before tied the knot on Channel 4’s Married at First Sight as part of a “daring social and scientific experiment”.

Sound bonkers? Well, most viewers watching at home couldn’t believe the concept of marrying someone you had never seen before on TV either.

The couples were matched by a group of “experts” who believe personality, IQ and psychometric tests can “scientifically” decide if a couple have got what it takes to make it through life’s ups and downs together.

Is Married at First Sight a TV social experiment we should take seriously?

Like every good Channel 4 documentary, the show has provoked a lot of reactions from viewers at home.

Some were doubtful about just how “scientific” love can be:

Others thought the concept for the show was totally ridiculous:

Some romantics were rather taken by the two weddings:

And Asian viewers wondered why everyone was finding the show’s concept so odd:

But mostly people cringed at the second ‘beyond awkward’ wedding between Emma and James: