Michael J Fox returns to TV in new comedy about living with Parkinson's


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Michael J Fox has come out of a decade of retirement to star in a new comedy about a news anchor living with Parkinson's.

The actor, who retired in 2000 after revealing he was suffering from Parkinson’s, is to return in the semi-autobiographical comedy The Michael J Fox Show.

He plays a famous NBC news presenter who returns to work after taking a substantial time off due to his  Parkinson’s.

In the past decade the Back to the Future star has made a number of guest appearances in shows such as Scrubs, The Good Wife and Curb Your Enthusiasm, but this will be his first major TV role since he left local government sitcom Spin City in 2000.

The 51-year-old is believed to be on a new drug regimen to control the shaking symptoms common with the disease that has allowed him to take on more acting roles.

The Michael J Fox show, which also stars Betsy Brandt from Breaking Bad and Wendell Pierce from Suits, is due to air on NBC in the US this autumn.